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ICF "Podih Zhittya" starts all-Ukrainian action Marathon of Good Deeds dated to the New Year holidays. Any help, not only financial, is needed for children. All involved in the activity will be published on the website of the Fund and in the reporting, which will be highlighted in the mass media, on the Fund website and donor.org.ua

As well we URGENTLY NEED information support. Two radio stations (thanks to Vlad Zachepilka) have already agreed to participate in the activity.

Every little bit helps. We invite to join our charitable activity, both individuals and companies.

Maximum repost, please!

ICF "Podih Zhittya" invites you to take part in charitable activities to provide the children, undergoing treatment from cancer and hematological diseases, with sweet New Year presents.

ICF "Podih Zhittya" was created in August 2008 by a group of volunteers. The Fund helps oncology patients of all ages, patients with severe disease, palliative patients, poor and incomplete families with children with cancer, which are registered in the public health facilities of Ukraine, and children's units of public hospitals in different regions of Ukraine.

Usually these children are from poor families whose parents spend all their money to pay for expensive treatment and do not have additional funds to purchase gifts. Children suffering from oncology are deprived of the opportunity to feel the festive atmosphere in full without the help of other people. Thats why, even minimal support and attention from the people, which are able to show their care, will give a ray of warmth, hope and strength to fight with the disease. The emotional state of young patients significantly influences on effectiveness of treatment, so New Year holidays is a good occasion to give a little hope and faith for these children.

We implore your company for help and invite you to participate in a charity Marathon of Good Deeds. The event will have a national scope and attain almost all oncodepartments of the country; it will be highlighted in the regional media, on websites donor.org.ua and spiritusvitae.org.ua (Ukrainian Open Association of Organizations, Groups and Persons, which work with the children suffering from cancer) and in social networks by volunteers of departments and employees of ICF "Podih Zhittya".

Current minimum-gifts requirement in total is 600-650 items. This quantity will supply the following hospitals, where children with oncological and haematological diseases undergo medical treatment:

1. Ivano-Frankivsk: Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Childrens Hospital, Onco-Hematology Unit 30 (thirty) beds (20 oncology, 10 hematology).

2. Vinnytsya: Vinnytsya Regional Childrens Hospital, Onco-Hematology Unit - 30 (thirty) beds.

3. Rovno: Rovno Regional Childrens Hospital, Onco-Hematology Unit - 23 (twenty three) beds.

4. Volyn: Volyn Regional Childrens Territorial Medical Association, Onco-Hematological Center (city of Lutsk, Vidrodzhennya Avenue, 30) - 30 (thirty) beds.

5. Chernigiv:
Chernigiv Regional Childrens Hospital, Pediatric Unit - 30 (thirty) beds (20 oncology, 10 hematology);
Chernigiv City Hospital 15 (fifteen) beds.

6. Ternopil: City Municipal Childrens Hospital - 38 (thirty eight) beds.

7. Cherkassy: Cherkassy Regional Childrens Center of Oncology and Hematology:
Quantity of beds in the Childrens Center 30 (thirty) beds;
Number of children, which undergo supporting therapy and can be present in the Childrens Center of Oncology and Hematology during holidays 15 (fifteen);
Number of children-winners (those, who have made a recovery) 15 (fifteen);
Total: 60 (sixty) children.

8. Kyiv:
City Clinical Hospital for Children, Onco-Hematology Unit - 30 (thirty) beds;
Chornobyl Centre, National Centre of Radiation Medicine (NCRM), Childhood Hematology Unit 30 (thirty) beds;
Institute of Neurosurgery 10 (ten) beds.

9. Kirovograd: Childrens Regional Hospital, Hematology Unit 30 (thirty) beds.

10. Zhytomyr: Zhytomyr Regional Childrens Hospital, Onco-Hematology Unit - 30 (thirty) children;

11. Dnipropetrovsk: Dnipropertovsk Regional Childrens Clinical Hospital (Kosmichna Str., 13):
Selective Surgery Unit with onco-beds (40 beds in total, 10 of them onco-beds, but actual number of onco-beds can be more or less);
Hematology Unit admits 29 (twenty nine) beds, but actual number of children in the Unit can be 35;
Please also take in account, if possible, affiliated Pulmonology Unit (cystic fibrosis).

12. Sumy: Sumy Regional Childrens Clinical Hospital 25 (twenty five) beds.

13. Zaporizhzhya: Zaporizhzhya Regional Childrens Clinical Hospital, Hematology Unit 29 (twenty nine) beds and Oncology Unit 24 (twenty four) beds;

14. Kharkiv:
Kharkiv Regional Hospital, Oncology Unit 50 (fifty) beds;
Kharkiv City Childrens Clinical Hospital No 16, Hematology Unit 50 (fifty) children.

15. Mykolaiv: Mykolaiv Regional Childrens Hospital, Onco-Hematology Unit - 40 (forty) beds.

16. Odessa: 35 beds.

Be sure that all aid received will not be used for commercial purpose.

Looking forward for future cooperation and thanking for your biased attitude!

In case of any questions regarding cooperation within this Project please refer to Ivanna Shkolnytska (ph. + 38 0672234634).

If we can collect more presents than is needed for children in the Onco-Hematology Units of the Ukrainian hospitals, such extra presents will be send to those children, who have completed background therapy and are undergoing supportive therapy at home, as well as to brothers-sisters of children with cancer and handicapped children.

You can also help us to raise funds for presents purchase by transferring the amount you wish to donate to the following accounts of the Fund:
1. "":
" "
/ 26004000041482

Bank details for payments in US Dollars (USD):

UKRSOTSBANK, Kiev, Ukraine

Bank details for payments in Euro:
Kiev, Ukraine
Account: 26001000044404

: " " . ,
/ .
/ 30111810800012826381
" "
: 26003000044402
: .

2. ""

: " "
/ 26004052711155
/ 36058191
. " " , .

5169 3305 0263 0079 " "

Account No: 26000056105345
Bank name: Privatbank. Dnipropetrovsk. Ukraine

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